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Reported questions present progressive 6

Esercizi > Discorso indiretto
Esercizio 6

Esercizio 6

Trasforma la domande al discorso indiretto modificando gli elementi che cambiano, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
Is he pacing the path?
Lisa asked me the path.
Is your brother sleeping this afternoon?
Bella asked me afternoon.
Are Mary and you drinking water?
Claude asked me water.
Are you working in Modena?
Lucy asked us in Modena.
Are they swimming now?
Leo asked me .
Are they bringing her suitcases?
Audrey asked me her suitcases.
Are you finishing your work now?
Lisa asked me work .
Is he coming?
Uncle Pip asked me .
Are you running one hundred metres this time?
Ariel asked me one hundred metres time.
Are you getting married?
James asked us married.
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