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Aggettivi in -ing e -ed 1

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Esercizio 1

Esercizio 1

Inserisci la forma adatta dell'aggettivo terminante in -ing o in -ed, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
We are all (surprise) by the news.
Children loved his annuals, and adults were charmed by his (amuse) cartoons.
I was very (tire) at the end of the journey.
Peter swam for three hours, and he was (exhaust).
He told us a very (excite) adventure story.
My mum had an accident, and her situation is quite (worry).
When we visited the abandoned museum, it was very (depress).
It's really a (disappoint) thing that.
He always looks (tire). Is he sick?
His kitchen is really (disgust).
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