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esercizi first conditional 9

Esercizi > Verbi > Periodo Ipotetico
Esercizio 9

Esercizio 9

Inserisci la forma corretta dei verbi tra parentesi a queste frasi ipotetiche di tipo I - First conditional.

If it (rain) , the streets (be) clean.
She (have) some water If she (be) thirsty.
If I (have) time, I (come).
What (happen) if the bridge (break) ?
If they (eat) all those chocolates, they (be) sick.
If he (not come) , it (be) better.
We (not go) out unless it (stop) raining.
If you (repair) my computer, we (surf) on the Internet.
You (be)able to speak Chinese better if you (study) harder.
If his wife (agree), he (join) us.
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