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Esercizi frasi relative determinative 10

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Esercizio 10

Esercizio 10

Frasi relative determinative - Defining relative cluses

Inserisci i pronomi relativi corretti,who, which that, where, whose, how oppure il segno asterisco # se pensi possa essere sottinteso. Poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
Do you still go to that cinema we used to go as students?
That’s the student spoke at the conference.
This is the laptop I wanted.
My car isn’t working. Do you know anyone can fix it?
This is the theatre I first acted.
The doctors I met yesterday were very kind.
Phil gave me the box was delivered yesterday.
That’s the shop I bought my kitchen last year.
Yesterday I found a little cat left leg was broken.
That’s the school I studied.
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