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Esercizi frasi relative determinative e non determinative 3

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Esercizio 3

Esercizio 3

Frasi relative determinative e non determinative - Defining and Non Defining relative clauses

Riscrivi le due frasi in un'unica frase relativa. Le frasi relative descrittive (defining) o non descrittive (non defining). Attenzione all'uso, nelle frasi relative non descrittive, delle virgole.
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The knife is very sharp. We use to cut the bread with it.
The knife .

That lady was really nice. Her son is my workmate.
That lady.

The paint is still wet. You are sitting on it.
The paint .

Emma works in a bank. Her husband is English.

The boy was early Susan invited the boy.
The boy .

My grandparents’ house, is very large. I grew up in it.
My grandparents’ house.

Yesterday, we met the woman. She works in my office.
Yesterday, we met .

Helen works for Gloves&Gloves. Gloves&Gloves makes gloves.
Helen .

The guy is a policeman. The guy lives next door.
The guy .

My brother knows a lot about cars. I live with him.
My brother.
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