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Esercizi frasi relative determinative e non determinative 6

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Esercizio 6

Esercizio 6

Frasi relative determinative e non determinative - Defining and Non Defining relative clauses

Riscrivi le due frasi in un'unica frase relativa. Le frasi relative descrittive (defining) o non descrittive (non defining). Attenzione all'uso, nelle frasi relative non descrittive, delle virgole.
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The Tower is a museum now. It was a convent.
The Tower.

This is the boy. He lives next to me.
This is .

We went to Dublin. Dublin is the capital of Eire.
We went .

The boys are playing in the recreational area. I see the boys every day.
The boys recreational area.

This madam is a commercial manager. I have been talking to her.
This madam manager.

The bike is in the garage. The bike broke down.
The bike .

I gave Mike the report. He read it carefully.
I gave .

The people were upset. Their flight was cancelled.
The people .

The engineer was not at home. I wanted to see him.
The engineer .

Her job exhausted her. It is very complicated.
Her job.
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