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Esercizi frasi relative determinative e non determinative 8

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Esercizio 8

Esercizio 8

Frasi relative determinative e non determinative - Defining and Non Defining relative clauses

Riscrivi le due frasi in un'unica frase relativa. Le frasi relative descrittive (defining) o non descrittive (non defining). Attenzione all'uso, nelle frasi relative non descrittive, delle virgole.
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The computer can’t be fixed. The computer is broken.
The computer .

John Lennon was one of the Beatles. He was shot in New York in 1980.
John Lennon Beatles.

The girl was rather rude. The girl answered the phone.
The girl .

The agreement is an excellent one. It was signed two weeks ago.
The agreement one.

We visited the Como lake. It is in the north of Italy.
We visited Italy.

The trees are beautiful. The trees grow in the garden.
The trees .

Jane is Tim's friend. His parents sold his house.

Emily is trying to get a job. Her children are at school all day.
Emily a job.

I have a friend. He speaks Russian and Chinese.
I have .

Fanny gave me the present. It was in a blue box.
Fanny .
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