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Esercizi frasi relative non determinative 8

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Esercizio 8

Esercizio 8

Frasi relative non-determinative - Non Defining relative cluses

Inserisci i pronomi relativi corretti,who, which that, where, whose.Poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
The Tower of London, is one of the most famous buildings in Britain, is on the River Thames.
My uncle, is very hardworking, is a merchant.
Selma, brother is a friend of mine, is a very charming girl.
Next weekend, I'm going to Bristol, my brother lives.
Leonardo, was born in Vinci, painted the Mona Lisa.
My office, is on the third floor, is very hot.
The Cavern, the Beatles first played, is one of the most visited places in England.
The river Po, runs through several Italian regions, is the longest river in Italy.
Mozart, died at very young age, was a genius.
Mara’s on time, is rather unusual.
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