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esercizi second conditional 5

Esercizi > Verbi > Periodo Ipotetico
Esercizio 5

Esercizio 5

Inserisci la forma corretta dei verbi tra parentesi a queste frasi ipotetiche di tipo II - Second Conditional.

If Noemi (speak) German, she (meet) the Austrian students.
George and Mike (drink) a lot if the beer (be) good.
If it (be) fine, she would swim (swim) in the morning.
They (not eat) anything if I (cook) eggs.
If you (go) to the cinena, Alicia and Mary (come) with you.
Kevin (be) better if he (lie) down.
If he (be) a millionaire, he (buy) a wonderful villa.
If she (swim) in the afternoon, she (go) to the cinema tonight.
They (get) better seats if they (book) today.
If you (get) up early, we (take) the 7,30 train to London.
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