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esercizi third conditional 1

Esercizi > Verbi > Periodo Ipotetico
Esercizio 1

Esercizio 1

Inserisci la forma corretta dei verbi tra parentesi a queste frasi ipotetiche di tipo III - Third Conditional.

If I (know) it, I (help) her.
If you (drive) carefully, you (not have) that accident.
You already (finish) if you (begin) before.
If she (send) a letter to John, he (answer) soon.
If we (hide) our emotion, Mary (not understand) the truth.
We (go) to Venice if it (not rain).
If they (book) the hotel in April, they (save) a lot of money.
We (go) skiing if it (snow).
If he (cook) , she (come) out with us.
If you (bring) a new car, you (not spend) a lot of money to repair this one.
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