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esercizi third conditional 15

Esercizi > Verbi > Periodo Ipotetico
Esercizio 15

Esercizio 15

Inserisci la forma corretta dei verbi tra parentesi a queste frasi ipotetiche di tipo III - Third Conditional.

Mary (set) the table up if she (follow) the instructions.
If the police (gather) more evidence, the jury (convict) the thief.
If they (switch) the light on, the flat (blow) up. The gas pipe was broken.
Bob (buy) the tickets if he (log) on this morning.
You (do) better at school last year if you (study) more.
If she (go) to Paris, she (bring) us some souvenirs.
We (transplant) the plants if you (buy) some potting compost.
If he (introduce) his friends, we (talk) to them.
Patricia (not miss) the train if she (leave) early enough.
If I (not forget) my bag, I (deliver) the preliminary report.
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