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esercizi third conditional 9

Esercizi > Verbi > Periodo Ipotetico
Esercizio 9

Esercizio 9

Inserisci la forma corretta dei verbi tra parentesi a queste frasi ipotetiche di tipo III - Third Conditional.

John (not pile) into the bus if he (brake).
If you (blink) at that problem, you (not solve) it.
Bruce (not have) to repair the roof if he (care) about it.
If he (borrow) the car on Monday, he (give) it back on Wednesday.
Bob (not dismiss) if he (complete) his project.
If I (book) the room before Easter, I (save) £ 100.
Sam (come) if you (call) him yesterday.
If they (complete) their task, they (pass) the test.
Mary’s father (not ache) his back if Mary (carry) the bags up.
If the company (check) for gas leaks last week, we (stay) at home now.
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