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esercizi verbi modali can or be able 2

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Esercizio 2

Esercizio 2

Inserisci la forma corretta di can o be able to. Affermativa se è presente il segno (+), la forma negativa con il segno (-), la forma interrogativa con il segno (?). Nella forma interrogativa aggiungere anche il soggetto che è tra parentesi.
(-) They _____ (handle) the stress. They can’t handle the stress
(+) Peter ____ (run) very well next race. Peter wiil be able to run very well next race.
(+) His behaviour (cause) some trouble.
(+) Jim (challenge) Peter on what he says.
(-) I (cook) for twenty people next weekend.
(?) (John and Peter /pretend) their emotion?
(+) Andrew (call) Mike if you want.
(+) I (carve) a piece of wood into a figure.
(?) (they/raise) the sunken ship?
(-) You (be) haunted by the fear of dying.
(?) (she/send ) him this box next week?
(?) (he/read) hieroglyphic writing?
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