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esercizi verbi modali must or can't 4

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Esercizio 4

Esercizio 4

Inserisci la forma corretta di must oppure can't a seconda delle situazioni espresse dalle frasi.
Juliet knows a lot about History of Wales. He be fond of the subject.
You be cold! It's more than 25°C in this room.
The floor is plenty of water. There be something wrong with the washing machine!
Paul be from France; he doesn't speak a word of French!
That looks very expensive. It have cost a fortune!
The people next door be abroad. Their shutters have been closed since last month.
Alice's car has broken down: she go to work.
Peter always fails the tests, even though he’s clever. He study enough.
John be hungry. He’s just had dinner.
John has lived in Paris for many years. He know a lot of people.
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