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esercizi verbi modali must or can't 9

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Esercizio 9

Esercizio 9

Inserisci la forma corretta di must oppure can't a seconda delle situazioni espresse dalle frasi.
Luke is very friendly. He have a lot of friends.
That be Paul. He said he was going abroad this week.
Juliet always makes people repeat. She be a bit deaf.
That girl be 20 years old. She looks about 15.
Kevin’s son has passed his driving test. He feel very pleased.
She left two hours ago, so she have arrived by now.
I wonder who is calling. It be Juliet. She’s still sleeping.
It be far away now. We’ve been walking for hours.
Mike didn’t say anything like that. There be a misunderstanding.
How do you manage to get to school on time? You go on foot!
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