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esercizi verbi modali must or have to 10

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Esercizio 10

Esercizio 10

Inserisci la forma corretta di must oppure have to a seconda delle situazioni espresse dalle frasi
Francesca go to the greengrocer’s because she hasn’t anything to eat.
We go. Our aunt is waiting for us.
I finish my report quickly because my boss will need it the day-after tomorrow.
Anne has got two Ferraris. She be very rich.
That child play in the streets until his dad gets home from work.
All dogs be kept on leads.
We (not) book a table at that restaurant. On Monday, there’s always plenty of room.
They study. You have got exams next week.
You (not) call him. I have already done it.
You tidy your room if you want to go out.
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