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Esercizi verbi modali may or can 6

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Esercizio 6

Esercizio 6

Inserisci la forma corretta di may oppure can a seconda delle situazioni espresse dalle frasi.
Attenzione! Se la frase è seguita dal questo segno (-) bisogna usare la forma negativa.
He has a pain in his arm, so he swim very well.(-)
I've bought a lottery ticket. I become a millionaire!
Tim ski at all.(-)
John can speak Chinese, but he write.(-)
I'm afraid you take the exam until you pay for it.(-)
Excuse me doctor! we have a moment, please?
I follow Jack if he speaks fast.(-)
Since it's not forbidden by the rules, I suppose we do it.
I call home from you office, Mr. Bond?
Luke drive, but he hasn’t got a car.
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