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Passivo past continuous 8

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Esercizio 8

Esercizio 8

Inserisci la forma passiva corretta del passato progressivo - past continuous, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
Brian was eating a soup yesterday at six.
yesterday at six.
Kevin’s dogs were not guarding the house.
Harry was chopping some pieces of wood this morning.
this morning.
The police were not arresting the robber.
Were John and Peter doing their homework at six?
at six?
Pete was writing a letter two hours ago.
two hours ago.
Were you expressing your opinion when the boss arrived?
when the boss arrived?
The police were investigating Kevin last year.
last year.
Some fire-fighters were moving an ill person yesterday at six pm.
yesterday at six pm.
Sheila was not composing a new CD last April.
last April.
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