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present perfect simple negative 3

Esercizi > Verbi > Il passato > Esercizi Present Perfect simple and continuous
Esercizio 3

Esercizio 3

Inserisci la forma corretta negativa del present perfect simple

Inserisci le paole mancanti, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
You (not/appoint) your son as the new leader of the group.
We (not/capture) the intruders.
You (not/assemble) all the pieces.
I (not board) yet.
Casey (not/clarify) the entire situation.
Esther (not/declare) the meeting closed yet.
They (not/encounter) the postman.
The streets (not/explode) into life.
I (not/load) the potatoes onto the lorry yet.
They (not/need) our help yet.
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