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present perfect simple short answers 4

Esercizi > Verbi > Il passato > Esercizi Present Perfect simple and continuous
Esercizio 4

Esercizio 4

Inserisci la forma corretta delle short answers del present perfect simple

Inserisci le paole mancanti, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
you (accommodate) your best friend's family? Yes,
they (represent) the necessity to speak to her? No,
you (breathe) the scent of their flowers? Yes,
you (shave) yet? No,
she (snuggle) to the fire for over three hours? Yes,
you (appeal) to the court of justice? Yes,
you (bang) the door without a reason? No,
that volcano (erupt) since last February? Yes,
you ever (plan) a trip to Africa? Yes,
Peter (thaw), after a few glasses of good wine? Yes,
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