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present simple negative 7

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Esercizio 7

Esercizio 7

Inserisci la forma negativa corretta del presente semplice, present simple tense, trasformando la frase da affermativa in negativa, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
Es.: Peter flies to London every week. Peter does not fly to London every week.
They assault the referee during the match.
They the referee during the match.
We come from London.
We from London.
They announce support for Barack Obama.
They support for Barack Obama.
Basil flees after every earth tremor.
Basil after every earth tremor.
This arrow indicates the way.
This arrow the way.
My nose peels when I have a cold.
My nose when I have a cold.
Some plants reproduce by seeds.
Some plants by seeds.
That strong wind snaps trees.
That strong wind trees.
Elisa swims twice a week.
Elisa twice a week.
Bert translates my books into Chinese.
Bert my books into Chinese.
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