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present simple short answers 5

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Esercizio 5

Esercizio 5

Inserisci le paole mancanti per formare le risposte brevi, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
Does the baby blink for the bright light? No, .
Does this award crown all her efforts? Yes,
Do those devices purify water? Yes, .
Does Alicia pack up the gifts? Yes, .
Do those shops specialize in hand-made chocolate? No, .
Does Katty quake with fear when she watches a horror film? No,
Does your school equip the laboratory with new computers? Yes, .
Does Mary foresee a problem with the coach? No, .
Do the police interrogate the witnesses? No, .
Does Phil milk the sheep in the evening? Yes,
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