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Reported questions present perfect 2

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Esercizio 2

Esercizio 2

Trasforma la domande al discorso indiretto modificando gli elementi che cambiano, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
Has this big factory employed over 2000 workers since 1999?
John asked me over 2000 workers since 1999.
Have you parted the calves from the herd?
Adrian asked me the calves from the herd.
Has she seen the Queen of England?
Edwin asked me the Queen of England.
Has Alice squirted this perfume onto her wrist?
Martha asked me perfume onto her wrist.
Has the balloon floated up into the air?
Nancy asked me up into the air.
Has your company launched several ships this year?
Juliet asked me several ships year.
Have you added another member on the list?
Stella asked me another member on the list.
Have you represented the necessity to speak to her?
Dylan asked me the necessity to speak to her.
Have you possessed drugs?
Oscar asked me drugs.
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