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Reported questions present perfect 8

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Esercizio 8

Esercizio 8

Trasforma la domande al discorso indiretto modificando gli elementi che cambiano, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
Has that volcano erupted since last February?
Jack asked me since the February .
Have they agitated the white flag?
Maurice asked me the white flag.
Has he heard from Dean?
Jake asked me from Dean.
Have your shouts scattered the birds?
Tim asked me the birds.
Have they identified the criminal?
Simon asked me the criminal.
Has the Customs officer inspected your luggage?
Mr. Bean asked me luggage.
Has John brushed his hair carefully for over an hour?
Ethel asked me his hair carefully for over an hour.
Have your shoes lasted since 2010?
Megane asked me since 2010.
Has this action widened his lead in opinion polls?
Irene asked me his lead in opinion polls.
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