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Reported speech present continuous 10

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Esercizio 10

Esercizio 10

Trasforma la frase al discorso indiretto modificando le parti della frase che devono essere cambiate, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
I am utilizing all the resources at my disposal.
Jim said (that) all the resources at disposal.
Kevin is whining about his job.
Dad said (that) he about his job.
Mary is doing a lot of exercise today.
Jennifer said (that) Mary a lot of exercise day.
This new treatment is benefitting Tom.
The doctor said (that) new treatment Tom.
Mark is stroking the puppy.
Peter said (that) Mark the puppy.
The ambulance is zooming by me now.
Phil said (that) the ambulance by .
The walls are vibrating because a hi-speed train is going past.
Dad said (that) the walls because a hi-speed train past.
In this period, I am smoking a lot.
Peter said (that) in that period, a lot.
I am watching TV.
John said (that) TV.
I am untying some knots now.
Paula said (that) some knots .
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