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Reported speech present simple 2

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Esercizio 2

Esercizio 2

Trasforma la frase al discorso indiretto modificando gli elementi che cambiano al discorso indiretto, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
Joseph scares very easily.
Mum said (that) Joseph very easily.
Her name escapes me.
Peter said (that) .
All people evacuate the building.
The firefighters said (that) all people the building.
Arthur hops from chanel to chanel.
Mike said (that) Arthur from chanel to chanel.
This train stops at all the stations.
The clerk said (that) at all the stations.
Esther never screws the lead of the jar.
John said (that) Esther never the lead of the jar.
Alice multiplies and divides very well.
Dad said (that) Alice and very well.
The detective hunts for clues.
The judge said (that) the detective for clues.
Byron hurries home from work to eat.
Barbara said (that) Byron home from work to eat.
Kevin always seals his letters.
Jim told us that Kevin always .
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